Let’s face it, dentistry costs money. Many people are unaware that in British Columbia, the BC Dental Association releases a fee guide annually. This sets out recommended fees for procedures, but that’s all they are, recommendations.

Dentists can adjust fees for services they provide, depending on the level of expertise they provide, extra training or equipment needed. Be sure to ask if the guide is followed and which procedures may have been increased.

Do you have dental insurance? If so, check to see if the office can submit electronically. Some offices will accept assignment of benefits, where your insurance provider will pay them directly, with only the difference to be paid by you at each visit.

Also ask what payment methods they accept, as some offices may not accept personal cheques or certain credit cards. For larger treatment plans, payments can sometimes be spread out of the course of the appointments, making it easier to budget.

Altogether it seems like a lot of information to process and investigate, but it’s worth it to do your homework and ask questions. Most Dentists and their staff are friendly, helpful, caring people and their staff are happy to assist you in your search for the right provider. When you find the right one, it’ll make you smile!